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Being charged with a serious crime is never easy. However, things can feel even more difficult when the charges stand to ruin your reputation. Murder charges can do just that. Even if you haven’t committed any crimes, being charged can be tough. To help avoid the fallout, you’ll need to find an expert murder lawyer. Your murder defense lawyer should be an expert. This way, they’ll be able to guide you through the entire process. Plus, they should have the client service necessary to fully explain your situation. If you’re facing murder charges in Auburn, NY, then you need to contact the James Hopkins Law Firm. James Hopkins is a skilled homicide defense attorney. He will work tirelessly to protect you against unfair charges. This is why clients rely on him as their murder lawyer. You can call the office today. The James Hopkins Law Firm serves the following nearby areas:

  • Syracuse, NY
  • Hamilton, NY
  • Cortland, NY
  • Pulaski, NY
  • Oswego, NY
  • Rome, NY
  • Oneida, NY
  • Utica, NY
  • Parish, NY
  • Fulton, NY

A murder charge should never be taken lightly. You may not have committed the crime, but the state thinks you did. Because of this, you may feel confident that you won’t be convicted. However, this unfortunately isn’t the case. Regardless of your situation, you should always have an expert murder lawyer to defend you against charges. Thankfully, the James Hopkins Law Firm is here to help. Attorney James is ready to act as your homicide defense attorney in Auburn, NY. He has more than 30 years of professional experience. So, you can rely on him to provide you with an expert defense. Clients should call the office as soon as they’re charged.

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Homicide Defense Attorney

It can be difficult to find the best homicide defense attorney around. You need someone who will take the time to fully explain your case and situation. That way you will be able to make the decision that works best for you. Plus, your murder lawyer should set realistic expectations. That will ensure there won’t be any surprises as you move forward. If this sounds appealing, and you’ve been charged in Auburn, NY, then you should contact the James Hopkins Law Firm. Attorney Hopkins is an expert murder defense lawyer. Clients rely on him when they’re facing serious charges. This is due to his impeccable service and skill as a trial lawyer. You need a murder lawyer as soon as you’ve been charged. Thankfully, James is only a phone call away. You can get started today.

Murder Charges

You never need to face murder charges alone. Instead, you need a skilled murder lawyer on your team. This way, you won’t have to deal with the criminal courts on your own. These situations can be very overwhelming. So, it helps to have a homicide defense attorney on your side who understands. Support is very important during this time. Because of this, you need to choose a murder lawyer who you feel comfortable working closely with. The James Hopkins Law Firm is here and ready to help. James has been practicing as an attorney for more than 30 years. In this time, he has developed a passion for helping clients out of difficult situations. So, you can rely on him to handle your case with care and tact. You shouldn’t hesitate – call the office today.

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Murder Defense Lawyer

Choosing the best murder defense lawyer doesn’t need to be difficult. If you’ve been charged near Auburn, NY, then you have access to the area’s top murder lawyer. The James Hopkins Law Firm is here to handle your case from start to finish. You can trust attorney James Hopkins to guide you through the entire process. He will work tirelessly for you. Plus, he’ll do all that he can to make you feel comfortable. Call his office to get started on your case.

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    8/12/2019 - Google

    Affordable, to the point, honest, friendly. Definitely trust him to have my back.

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    2/12/2019 - Google

    Great lawyer hes been around for a while and knows the right people.

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    James Chatwin
    10/12/2018 - Google

    I've sought legal advice from Mr. Hopkins on many occasions. He's always spot on. Top notch lawyer... read more

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    One of the top criminal lawyers in Syracuse bar none! Highly recommend

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